The Umpteen Benefits from Google Email Services

The Umpteen Benefits from Google Email Services

The world is literally shrinking in size as people get more opportunities and faster means to communicate with each other. Businesses are thriving as loads of information can be exchanged in quick time. The Google Business Emails have emerged as an important tool of communication. The novice considers Gmail and email as synonymous.

To be candid, Gmail Business Emails boast of a host of features that make it stand apart from an ordinary email service. To say the least, Google Mail is a wonderful tool to manage the information overload that we encounter on the World Wide Web.

While many of us are users of G Suite Professional mails, only few understand and reap the benefits of its host of features. Some of these are listed below

Professional Image

First and foremost, an organization can get a customer email. That is, if your company is ABC Ltd., you could have employee email addresses as, and so on. The advantage is two-fold: One, the employees take pride and feel part of the organization and two, it gives a professional image to the outsiders. The user can make numerous mailing lists and thus win the trust and goodwill of outsiders. For instance mail sent to existing or potential customers from email ids such as and create a bigger impact vis-à-vis an email sent from any other personal account.

More Space

30 GB of inbox storage, compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients are some of the other advantages of using Gmail Business Emails. The fact that Google Business Emails are advertisement free and service support is available round-the-clock make gmail as the preferred choice for most businesses. The high storage space enables users to store valuable information over a longer period of time.


Gmail Business Emails can be drafted and managed even when one is offline. The android app can be accessed on the mobile phone even when there is no Internet connection. The mails so drafted will be sent once the device is connected to the Internet. Users thus get the much needed flexibility while using the G Suite Professional Mails

Instant Conversations

One is never out of touch with contacts with G apps Services. The Hangout option allow users to have a quick chat with a colleague located in any part of the world, initiate a video conference or join a video conference call and keep abreast with the latest developments and decisions taken by the organization.


Gmail is compatible and works wonderfully well with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook and even Mozilla Thunderbird. Outlook users have the option of synchronizing emails and contacts to and from G Suite.


Last but not the least, the high reliability of Google Mail accords a huge advantage to users. A business can operate online 24X7 round the year as the service provider promises 99.9% uptime.

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