SSL Certificates – What we offer

SSL Certificates – What we offer

Online shopping has replaced street shopping. People now resort to internet to buy their daily needs. In the process they share their important personal and account information which is vulnerable to misuse if not protected adequately. Thus, to make online shopping a pleasurable experience it is important that the e-commerce website should be safe and fully secured. SSL certificate is one such potent tool that bestows cent percent safety and security to websites.

At Bagful International, we offer services to enable a secure SSL certificate on a website. The umpteen benefits that our SSL certificates offer include:

  • Fastest and Strongest SSL Protection
    • Strongest SSL encryption of 2048 bit RSA keys using SHA-256
    • IPv6 enabled global infrastructure for fastest site load speed
    • SSL Request is made through geographically 23+ datacenters
    • CDN enabled infrastructure with CloudFlare for 100% up time
  • Multiple Sub Domain Security
    • Secure all sub domains with single WildCard SSL certificate
    • Install SSL Certificate on multiple Servers and on different IPs
    • 3 Free sub domain SSL for owa, autodiscover,
  • Malware and Phishing Detection
    • Free premium malware scanning service by StopTheHacker
    • Regular malware detection alerts
    • 24/7 protection from DDOS Attacks
    • Netcraft phishing alert service
  • Easy Installation and Management
    • Easy installation and managements of SSL certificates
    • Tools and support to install SSL certificates independently
    • 100% compatibility with browsers
    • Unlimited 24/7 security support

With SSL Certificate from Bagful International, you can enjoy the advantage of ALL Devices and OS Support. You can easily and safely accept credit cards on your website. Trusted and well protected websites enjoy greater and higher Google search ranking, giving a boost to your business. Available in DV, OV and EV SSL Certificates, our services protect unlimited servers simultaneously. For more information and details, call 9501007426 or email us at 

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