Why is a SSL Certificate important for your website?

Why is a SSL Certificate important for your website?

SSL Certificate Importance for your website

The advent and rise of internet has closely knitted together the entire world. With just a click of the mouse, we can buy and sell just about anything. Be it buying daily groceries, health care products, newly launched tech gadgets or getting your hands onto latest movie tickets and best-deals on air fares, everything is possible without budging from your computer chair. But is it actually safe to enter your private data including debit/credit card information on the websites? This is where ssl certificate importance proves helpful!

What is a SSL Certification?

SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer certificate) is a security technology that encrypts the information and data into codes. Thus private and important information entered in a browser and sent to a web server does not get transmitted as open text messages but codes, thereby preventing fraudulent use and unauthorized access.

Why is a SSL Certificate Important?

With a SSL Certificate correctly set on your web server, your URL changes from http:// to https:// (wherein the “s” stands for “secure”). This indication helps the client to feel safe about sharing his private data and bank details on your website.

While it is mandatory for websites to have an SSL Certificate if they are into buying and selling products online, an SSL Certificate is equally important for informational websites that aren’t into trading. Here are a few important reasons why:


As websites without SSL Certificate sends and receives all information and data in form of open, readable text it becomes very easy for hackers to hack accounts. Even if the client keeps changing their login details on a regular basis, it provides no online security.

SEO Ranking

Google, the search engine giant, is taking SSL Certification as an important SEO ranking tool. Ensuring that the peoples’ experiences are safe, they are moving forward from the ‘usual’ SEO factors. The three essential requirements for SEO Ranking now include:
1) Mobile-responsive website
2) Fast website
3) Secure Website


The green padlock in the web browser definitely makes the client feel safe. The added trust and confidence further gives your website and business the required boost, taking it to dizzy heights.

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