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 Can I use the same SSL certificate for and

Normally, an SSL certificate is for a specific host at a specific domain like If you try to use a certificate on one subdomain when it was issued for another, your visitors'...

  Do I get my own static or unique IP address with hosting?

All our hosting plans come with a static IP address for your domain. This static IP address is shared, meaning that other domains we host will resolve to the same numeric IP address. This makes no...

  Do you actively monitor and manage your network 24/7?

Yes we do. We monitor our network, on site and remotely, constantly. If something happens to your site or our servers, we will know about it immediately.

  I can login with FTP but I can't see anything and then after a while it times out.

To fix this problem generally caused by being behind a firewall, find the setting in your FTP program for "Passive Mode" or "PASV Mode" and turn it on. Also, be sure that the hostname that you...

  I have my domain registered with you how do I transfer it elsewhere

You are free to transfer your domain at any time after the initial 60 day period as long as your account is in good standing. Please remove the registrar lock from your domain control panel and...