Academy, a beautiful word with which we all are associated directly or indirectly. To summarise the word we can say, it is associated with learning. Now learning can be of any type, it can be educational, sports or any other activity like cooking, dancing, etc. So, same applies to academy, which can be of any type.

To differentiate academy from other groups on internet, there is a new gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) available in the market, i.e. “.ACADEMY”, read as “Dot Academy”. Extension .academy suits every type of academy, from Private to Government, NGO to Commercial, Hobby to professional, it covers everyone and everything.

(dot)academy Domain is catchy, unique and easy-to-remember. Moreover it has other huge benefit of giving your website a higher ranking in the search engines.

Just to let people know that you are academy, we usually settle on domain names like But, now there’s no need to take such a long Domain name, instead go for, , short and crisp. Moreover, having .academy in your domain name defines you in an innovative way, as compared to the others. For example,, this domain name clearly defines that the website is about a dance academy.

Few live websites examples of .academy :-

FAQs :

  1. Who can take this .ACADEMY Domain?

From an individual to any group, from an NGO to any commercial organisation, anyone can have it.

  1. Is there any Legal or official formality to be fulfilled?

No, there is no need of any legal formality to be completed.

  1. Does it require any proof of documents or certificates?

There’s no need of any certificates while registering/buying it.

  1. Any Trademark/Brand name is required for it?

There is no need of any trademark or brand name to get .academy domain.

  1. We have not much heard about it?

It’s because it was launched in the market on 12th March, 2014, whereas other domains like .com, .org, etc are many decades older.

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