Business Emails

  • No hardware or Software Cost
  • No upfront investment
  • Only pay for the mailboxes you create
  • Reliable, scalable and high-performing with guaranteed uptime
  • 5GB Space mailbox
  • Upgrade up to 100GB per mailbox in 5GB space
  • Email filtering against Spam and virus protection included
  • POP3 , IMAP , Outlook , Webmail friendly

Business Email - Rs. 50/Month

Let your business communication thrive with Bagful Business Email Solutions. A custom tailored solution for Indian businesses, this Email solution is robust, efficient, spam free, inexpensive and extremely reliable. You may use it seamlessly across PC/Mac, Tab or Phone and find all your work synced, on the move and all the time.

Built on one of the best technology platforms, Bagful Business Email Solution is the answer for every business that needs world class communication at Indian prices with excellent customer support.

Have Questions?

How do I connect to my email account?

We have 3 methods of connecting to your email account hosted with us. They are: Webmail Interface, this interface supports not only mail but all groupware features such as Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, and Journals IMAP. With any email client, simply add an IMAP account in your email client using Incoming IMAP server Outgoing SMTP server Username Password POP3. With any POP3 client like outlook express or thunderbird you can send and receive emails straight from your computer.

Can I use my own domain name with Email Hosting?

Yes, we allow you to receive and send email from your own domain names. You have two options for configuring your domain name. # You can have us host the DNS for the domain name and direct your registrar to our DNS servers. We provide a DNS management interface for you to configure your domain name. # You can direct your MX record on your domain name to our servers.

Does your Email Hosting support autoresponders and forwarders?

Yes, our Email Hosting supports setting up autoresponders and forwarders on your accounts. In addition, we allow you to set up a vacation away message to autoreply to all email that is delivered to your email account. However, it is highly recommended not to use these features as an autoresponder is sent to each and every spam mail as well confirming the spammer that your email ID is 100% valid and you will start getting more spam.

Why am I getting spam?

We never sell your information so they did not get your email address from us. Spammers use robots to harvest email addresses from your web pages. So if you have posted on a newsgroup, bulletin board, or signed a guestbook, they could have found you that way. They also search domain name registration (WHOIS) records, harvesting the email addresses of Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts for domains so they could have found your email address that way too. Often they just guess at email addresses too. Bagful Smarter Mail Services Once they have your email address, they’ll most likely put your address along with thousands of others in the “Bcc” field of a mail. They also usually use a fake “From” address in those fields. If the fake address they use for that purpose happens to belong to someone, it usually results in a denial of service attack against the innocent person listed there, as tons of complaints and bounced emails begin flooding into him or her. Spammers are hard to stop. If you filter one mail relay where it is coming from, they just pick up and move to another. If you filter keywords in their spams, they change them. If you are too aggressive trying to keep out spam, you may end up disabling yourself from receiving legitimate mail. This problem not only affects you, but us and everyone else using the internet. What Can You Do to Stop SPAM

  1. Avoid posting your real email address on websites, newsgroups, etc. If you do post publicly and want people to be able to contact you by email, you can post your email as and then include a note in your post to “take out the ABC to email me.”
  2. Be careful about who you give your email address to and what you signup for with your email address. Giving your email address to the wrong website or company could result in it being sold in bulk to spammers.
  3. Provide you very effective SPAM Control Filters with Web and Email Hosting solutions, this will stop upto 96% of SPAM but it can never be reached 100%.
  4. If you receive some SPAM you can feed it to Spamcop which will tell you where it really came from and notify the admins there that they are being used to relay spam.