Bagful Bulk SMS Services

Our servers carry bulk SMSs through multiple routes through intelligent methods, ensuring faster and smoother delivery to the recipients with the least delays. Multiple routes with reputed providers help us to minimize our downtime and improve our SMS delivery.

Send SMS with your Brand Name

Dual Operator Instant Delivery

Send SMS in Multiple Languages

Smart NDNC Filter for DND Numbers

User Friendly PhoneBook with Groups

No setup costs, No license costs

Smart Messaging Service

‘Bulk SMS’ or ‘bulk messaging’ refers to businesses sending SMS to one or more recipients via software platforms such as Textlocal. Bulk SMS can scale up to millions of recipients in the case of informational or promotional broadcasts. Alternatively, bulk SMS can also mean individual SMS sent to customers upon an action e.g. receiving an alert on credit card transaction. Both these activities can be easily carried out from bulk SMS platforms as they allow businesses to create, schedule, send and track SMS campaigns.

SMS Plans & Pricing

Plans Quantity Transactional Pricing
Small 10000 18 Paisa + 2.5 paisa DLT charges Rs.2419.00 Order Now!
Medium 25000 18 Paisa + 2.5 paisa DLT charges Rs.6047.5 Order Now!
Large 50,000 16.5 paisa + 2.5 paisa DLT charges Rs.11210.00 Order Now!
Extra large 1 lac 15 paisa + 2.5 paisa DLT charges Rs.20650.00 Order Now!

Quick and easy setup, user-friendly system packed with features

Over a period of time, we have developed and delivered a range of services that enhances SMS communication in specific industries – from patient appointment reminders in the healthcare industry to SMS broadcasts for stock brokers. Bulk Text SMS in India facility by Bagful offers a huge range of benefits based on clients’ business requirement.

Your Message will be Read in Minutes with 90% Open Rate

High Conversion Rate

Bulk SMS Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty

Your Message will be Read in Minutes with 90% Open Rate