The Benefits of Using a Secure Email System

The Benefits of Using a Secure Email System

Email needs no introduction today. Every business, small or big, uses email as a means to communicate within the organization as well as to connect with other stakeholders. The tool has gained popularity by leaps and bounds since the 1990s when the world was exposed to this concept of communication. The benefits of using email are immense. But so are the risks. To avoid the pitfalls associated with using email, it is advisable to use secure email. The secure email accords numerous benefits to the user:

Protection of Personal Information

Email is now the preferred method of communication for many individuals and businesses, having transformed the way the world converses information since it first became popular in the late 1990s. However, identity theft and other personal information which can be derived through email can often cause serious financial or personal consequences to people who send and receive emails. Here are some reasons why you should consider a secure email service.


  • Helps Protect Confidential Information

A secure email generally uses asymmetric encryption technology. This entails that the information and data sent over the email is encrypted and which can be decrypted only with the help of a private key. Thus, only the intended user can make use of the information that is sent through secure email. This maintains confidentiality and helps protect confidential information.


  • Safety while using a Wi-Fi hotspot

For people who are always on the go, a secure email services provides protection while using Wi-Fi hotspot. Thus one can have peace of mind that all personal and financial information that flows via an email is away from harm’s way irrespective of the Internet connection being used.


  • Additional Security Benefits

Users can avail of additional security benefits like creation of digital signature or digital certificate to add another layer of identification. An email received along with such digital signature increases the authenticity of the communication.


  • Storage Space

A secure email service comes with the additional benefit of additional storage space. This increases the quantum of communication that you can possibly do. The convenience factor is an added advantage.

  • Filtering Spam and Virus

A protected email service blocks harmful emails even before they enter the network. The service provider typically installs anti-virus scanners at the SMTP gateways of the host and the evil is nipped in the bud.


  • Shared Address Book

A shared address book is another advantage of using a secure email. Users of a private email network have access to a common set of addresses along with directory services that are easy to retrieve and use.

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