Benefits of Secure Encrypted Email Services

Benefits of Secure Encrypted Email Services

Secure Encrypted Email Services – In the present day competitive world, the speed of flow of information is important. Equally, rather more important is that this information remains secure. There are umpteen cases where confidential information is inadvertently sent to a wrong recipient or some unscrupulous element hacks email accounts and misuses the information.

Normal emails are extremely quick and convenient source of communication, but alas, they are not top-notch when it comes to security. Secure emails fill in the blank and relieve the user of the tension of hackers.

It, therefore, makes commercial sense to migrate to a secure email system and lend the security to ones’ most commonly used communication mechanism. Having a secure email accords numerous benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Safe and Secure Encrypted Email Services

A secure email encrypts information which can be deciphered by the intended audience. It thus prevents sensitive information from leakage. In the routine course, employees of an organization exchange loads of information. Some of this information may be critical to the success of the company. If such information was to find a way into the inbox of a competitor, it could jeopardize the existence of the organization. A secure email eliminates any such possibility.

Regulatory Compliance

Encrypted information sharing has always been a double-edged sword. It’s safe but has always invited a raised eyebrow from the regulators. Not anymore though. Communication through secure email can be tracked. The data so exchanged, howsoever voluminous it may be, meets the requirements of regulators and auditors. Organizations can protect information about their customers and employees and thus adhere to privacy norms as laid down by the regulators.

Speedy and Cost Effective

Traditionally, sensitive information could be sent in sealed covers through registered post or express mail. Needless to say, a time-consuming and expensive process. A secure email serves as the best possible substitute; instantaneous delivery at practically zilch cost. The time and money so saved can go a long way in increasing the bottom-line of the company.

Fool Proof

Information sharing through other sources say through post or fax have to be re-keyed into the company’s systems. This is especially true when external information is received. Customers may send grievances or suggestions. Vendors and suppliers may send bills or quotations. A secure email system will ensure a seamless and secure flow of information to all stakeholders of the organization.


Instances of security breaches or information leakage can dent the company’s reputation. A secure email will safeguard all data and no such news would surface thereby increasing the goodwill of the company. This aspect will not only attract more customers but would generate loyal customers.

Secure Encrypted Email Services

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